Auto Job Suggest

A WP Job Manager plugin that dynamically suggests available jobs to job seekers based on the characters typed in the search field.



Power-up the Job Searching Experience

Auto Job Suggest improves the job seeking experience by automatically suggesting job listings while the user types. This speeds up the job seeking experience workflow and allows front end users seeing a list of job listings relevant to their search.

Simple, yet Powerful End-User Experience

Job listings are matched dynamically as the user types. Job Listings are suggested to the front-end user in an autocomplete drop-down. This brings the relevant job listing to the user faster while searching. Clicking the listing immediately opens the Single Job Listing, allowing the user to quickly view details of the job.

Fetch Job Listings from your Trusted Source

Auto Job Suggest suggests available job listings as stored in your website database, providing your listings to the end-user. Auto Job Suggests also kicks in when serving job listings via 3rd party service providers.

Auto Job Suggests, a Great Partner to Elementor Connector

Works great on WP Job Manager – looks even better when built on Elementor Connector. Elementor Connector leverages Elementor’s page building capability with state-of-the-art design tools to customize everything, including keyword search fields – ensuring you get the look and feel of your website exactly as you intended.

Looks Great on Any Theme

Auto Job Suggests works well with many great themes and theme providers. Utilising a built-in style detector, Auto Job Suggest will automatically adapt to the look used on the theme and blend in immediately -without the need for custom CSS styling. Auto Job Suggest even allows advanced users to input custom HTML selector(s) ensuring location suggestions work with custom keyword search fields.

Built for WP Job Manager

Enhance the WP Job Manager search components with Auto Job Suggest. Boost the end-user experience on your website by extending the functionality and capability of WP Job Manager.

Great Support When you Need

Need assistance or have questions? Support agents are available to support your queries via e-mail. Each purchase comes with a 12-month support as well as access to all product updates within the same 12-month period.

Key Usability Features

  • Enhances the user experience by reducing the time taken to type job titles in the Job Search form
  • Reduce search errors by making sure spelling of job names are correct
  • Enhances accuracy of job searches by suggesting real job listings and company names stored in the website.
  • Works seamlessly with Elementor Connector for WP Job Manager
  • Set and forget – product works seamlessly without the need of further customisation or coding.

Key Administrative Features

  • Auto Job Suggests automatically detects the styling and design of the site’s theme and adapts the suggestions accordingly
  • Auto Job Suggests is compatible with most of the popular themes used for job listing websites
  • Advanced configuration built in allowing developers to utilise custom HTML selectors to force job name suggestions on an input field of your choice. This is specifically true in cases where theme developers uses custom selectors
  • Save a bundle – by obtaining Auto Job Suggest along with other great products in the TinyGiant Job Manager Bundle!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do when the Auto Job Suggest is not working?

    We offer great suggestions in the Product Documentation pages to walk you through possible pain points to ensure Auto Job Suggest works seeminly on your site. Still don’t get the answer you are looking for? We provide technical support.

  • Does Auto Job Suggest work with my theme?

    Auto Job Suggest should work well with many of the great theme builders building for WP Job Manager. However some theme builders override WP Job Manager’s core framework with their own HTML classes. Auto Job Suggest’s Advance settings tab allows for the user of custom HTML selectors to be defined to correct this. See documentation on the Advanced section

  • Does Auto Job Suggest work with 3rd party Job hosting services (i.e Fetch Jobs)


  • 1-year plugin updates
  • 1-year support
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
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