Elementor Connector for Resumes

Developer: TinyGiantStudios

Requirements: WP 5.0+, WP Job Manager, Elementor, Resume Manager

A subscription includes 1 year of updates & support.

Elementor Compatible

Allows website builders to create unique WP Job Manager powered resume boards using Elementor Widgets

Theme Independent

Designer widgets works independently from your themes and will allow you to style WP Manager elements.

All Resume Listings

Style your main Resume Search page. Add custom fonts, font sizes and colours. Change the background colour, or add a unique image. Control the padding and/or margin size.  And so much more!

No Coding Skills

With Elementor Connector you can change WP Job Manager – Resume elements without requiring coding skills

Singe Resume Page

Fully customise the design and layout of the single resume page – either for all resumes or each resume individually

Resume Submission

Make sure that the resume submission form fits in with the rest of your website by adding custom styles for all fields. Although this form is used to submit resumes, it should also have a similar look and feel to your website’s design. Customise the settings to match your own brand!

Conditional Widgets

Elementor Connector is fully compatible with conditional widget plugins like Dynamic Visibility

Elementor Pro

Unique widgets created for the Elementor Pro version – specifically editing of single resume pages.

Elementor Connector – Resumes Screenshots