Job Board Designer for WP Job Manager

Developer: TinyGiantStudios

Requirements: WP 5.0+, WP Job Manager

A subscription includes 1 year of updates & support.

Consistent Branding

Allows you to style the look & feel of WP Job Manager to ensure a consistent design with your website.

Import / Export

Designs can easily be exported and imported at a different site. Or use the exported copy as a backup.

All Job Listings

Style your main Job Search page. Add custom fonts, font sizes and colours. Change the background colour, or add a unique image. Control the padding and/or margin size.  And so much more! For more information on styling your all job overview pages, view our documentation.

No Coding Skills

With Job Board Designer you can change elements without needing any complicated HTML / CSS skills.

Resume Manager

Is fully compatible with the Resume Manager plugin (if installed) to add custom designs for the Resumes section.

Single Job Listings

Customise the look and feel for the single job listing page. Use custom fonts, borders, backgrounds and/or colours. Add or remove additional margin and padding in the field. Your single jobs page can now fit with the branding design of your site. For more information on styling a single jobs page, view our documentation.

Creative Customization

Plenty of easy-to-use settings to customise background, borders, colours, fonts, margins and padding.

Theme Independent

Job Board Designer works independently from your themes and will allow you to style WP Manager elements.

Job Submission

Make sure that the job submission form fits in with the rest of your website by adding custom styles for all fields. Although this form is used to submit jobs, it should also have a similar look and feel to your website’s design. Customise the settings to match your own brand! For more information on styling your submit jobs page, view our documentation.

Job Board Designer Screenshots