User Locator

Allows WP Job Manager to automatically geolocate job seekers and display jobs available in their local area.



Real Listings in Your Location

Auto Location speeds up the searching experience by pin-pointing the user’s current location and automatically populating the “Location” search box. This enables job seekers to locate job listings within their immediate area that is most conveniently accessible to them.

Privacy Matters

The user has the option to enable the use of User Location services when using your website – keeping their privacy within their control. When enabled, the user’s location can be used immediately and also remembered on the client side system to boost up future searching experiences.

User Location, a Great Partner to Elementor Connector

Works great on WP Job Manager – looks even better when built on Elementor Connector. Additional customisation controls are enabled within Elementor Connector even further enhancing the already state-of-the-art design tools available to customize the location search fields – ensuring you get the look and feel of your website exactly as you intended.

Built for WP Job Manager and WP Resume Manager

Enhance the WP Job Manager and WP Resume Manager search components with User Locator by quickly populating the user’s location. Boost the end-user experience on your website by extending the functionality and capability built into WP Job Manager and WP Resume Manager.

Great Support When you Need

Need assistance or have questions? Support agents are available to support your queries via e-mail. Each purchase comes with a 12-month support as well as access to all product updates within the same 12-month period.

Key Usability Features

  • Speed up Job Searches by auto-populating current location in WP Job Manager search field and retrieving listings in your area
  • Enhances the user experience by reducing the time taken to type a location in the search form
  • Geo-coded addresses ensures exact address are inputted without errors
  • Built with user privacy in mind – user has to allow location services before User Locator will locate job-seeker’s location
  • Job-seeker’s location can be remembered to speed up subsequent visits
  • Ability to add your location data manually even when searching for jobs in other regions
  • Works seamlessly with Elementor Connector for WP Job Manager and includes extra design customisation when both plugins are enabled
  • Works great with WP Resume Manager as well!

Key Administrative Features

  • No need to integrate 3rd party Location Libraries. Set and forget
  • Advance controls allows administrators to format address outputs to further match location listings
  • Save a bundle – by obtaining User Locator along with other great products in the TinyGiant Job Manager Bundle!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I do when the User Locator is not working?

    We offer great suggestions in the Product Documentation pages to walk you through possible pain points to ensure Auto Location is configured on your site. Still don’t get the answer you are looking for? We provide technical support.

  • Does User Locator work with my theme?

    User Locator should work well with many of the great theme builders building for WP Job Manager.

  • 1-year plugin updates
  • 1-year support
  • 14-day money-back guarantee
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